longtime fixture of the UK’s electronic underbelly, Matt Hodson has worked in the south of England’s top recording studios with a variety of bands and producers. A self-taught musician and sound designer, his involvement within the music industry stretches back over 10 years. In 2005, he began developing an interest in new compositional techniques, while producing bespoke musical arrangements for moving images. Later that year, he put together the London Synthesis Orchestra. Today, you can see his work with the Radiophonic Workshop and as an academic in Music Production.

His down-tempo, erratic, and often nostalgic musical output has been commissioned by some of the most prestigious film, television, and gaming studios around.

Now, dead-set on convening his previously intermixed energies on his own output entirely, he’s still delivering gargantuan atmospheric permutations and vigorous beats under a swelling umbrella of song-like sound as bitbin. But this time he’s most wired to turn the tables on new and old material, reworking tracks into another state, and continues to experiment with his extensive processing techniques using new and old audiovisual equipment hidden away in his Sussex countryside studio.

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