Entering the dark techno tribe in Madrid, Spain, at a very young age, Cora from Galicia had it clear: she wanted to dedicate her life to Music. Having lived in cities like Barcelona, Berlin and Ibiza and having performed all over the globe, including Athens, Bahía Blanca, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Marseille, Mexico D.F., Moscow and Paris has enriched her view of life and therefore her expression through sound.

Cora has worked for over a decade in all areas of the music industry as DJ, sound technician, producer/composer, Ableton Live Official Trainer, InQBarna curator and radio broadcaster.

Cora is a self-confessed geek when it comes to software, hardware and programming, which brings us to her first album, “The Secret Garden”. Her second album project, “Fight Love Faith”, released on her very own label, Seeking The Velvet, opens new esoteric paths into electronic pop music. It was heavily charged with alchemy, mythology and labyrinths.

Currently, Cora is feverishly working on her label and expanding her artistic vision into clothing design, packaging, accessories, illustration… If that’s not enough, she even finds time to be the closing act at Sonar, remix other artists and keep on DJing.

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