Sebastián Seifert, born in Buenos Aires, has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2002. An independent curator of digital art and electronic music, a multimedia designer, music producer and digital artist, he has been successful in all areas. Sebastián’s musical project is called Microfeel and his live-set combines electronic music with influences from minimalist, organic and cinematic sounds. Microfeel’s multimedia concerts are powerful experiences in audiovisual art as Seifert recreates his recorded tracks, mixing in different layers of sound and instruments ranging from synthesizers to guitar, percussion and harmonica. Microfeel has played live at such festivals as MUTEK , SONAR, OFFF, FILE SAN PABLO, BALTÂ NAKTS RIGA, CAUD ́ORELLA, SOCO FESTIVAL, ARTMEDIA BUENOS AIRES, and BARCELONA VISUAL.

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