If you’re looking for an evocation of unknown landscapes, emotions transformed into a cool atmosphere, broken rhythms, minimal sounds and visions of an uncertain future then you’ll find it with Nev.Era. Nev.Era is the most intimate Sergio Mesa’s project; an imaginary vision that makes emotions into electronic musical impulses.  The DJ and voice actor Sergio Mesa lives in Barcelona. This music lover leads us to open spaces and floating ambiences out of reality.

He has always been involved with music and electronic music is his specialty. His first piece that was released by Pendrive Records, is called “Y-O.”  In 2011, he was part of the music art label called Lovethechaos. While linked up with David Jornet (strange2,) they released the CD titles “Diario Sonoro,” a sound adventure project collaboration between Paris and Barcelona, which had the visual live show of Xarlene Visuals. The album was selected by Playground magazine among the best national electronic albums in 2011. Mesa’s collaboration with Xarlene Visuals has been progressing throughout the years. Tracks like “Y.O,” “Diario Sonoro” and “Acuario” have been performed in music halls such as Niu BCN, Miselanea and Café Royale as well as in festivals like Causorella and MIRA.

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