Are you tired of listening to the same thing on the radio? Fran Mejia, better known as Pacheko, combines his Venezuelan background to mix influences from house and bass music with bits of the unique sound found in styles like Kururo, Baile Funk, South Arican House and also Changa Tuki. Pacheko has released music for labels such as Senseless Records (UK,) and Lo Dubs (US) and Enchufada, the label run by the members of Buraka Som Sitema (Portugal.)

He was recently featured on XLR8R’s artists-to-watch in 2014 from the emerging Bacelona scene alongside acts such as John Talabot, Hehuen, and Sinjing Hawke. Pacheko is a talented artist spreading is music all over the world. He is an artist to look out for and definitely someone whose music is worth investing time into.

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