Artists Pacheko
Pacheko | Conductr supporter Artist

Are you tired of listening to the same thing on the radio? Fran Mejia, better known as Pacheko, combines his ...

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Artists Kodaline
Kodaline | Conductr supporter Artist

For Kodaline, music isn’t as most people think of it; music is therapy. Relationships and heartbreak make it easy for ...

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Thomas Gunillasson | Conductr supporter Artist

Music has been around Thomas since day one. After playing keyboards and banging cans as a little kid he picked ...

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Artists Julien Bayle
Julien Bayle | Conductr supporter Artist

Julien Bayle is a French minimalist digital artist working at the crossroads of sounds, visuals, and data. His work explores ...

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Artists Julio Navas
Julio Navas | Conductr supporter Artist

Julio Navas makes up half of Amo + Navas, one of the most well known DJ/producing teams within the electronic ...

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Artists Jorge Haro
Jorge Haro | Conductr supporter Artist

Since 1993, Jorge Haro has worked in the field of experimental music, audiovisual pieces, installations and exhibitions. He researches the ...

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