Artists Pina
Pina | Conductr supporter Artist

Creativity and improvisation drive this musical act. Without intentional error, imagination and ingenuity, the music that Pina creates, wouldn’t ...

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Artists Microfeel
Conductr user & supporter Microfeel

Sebastián Seifert, born in Buenos Aires, has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2002. An independent curator of digital art ...

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Artists Patrick DSP
PatrickDSP | Conductr supporter Artist

Patrick DSP has been smashing sound systems around the world for decades. He started in Canada, and finally landed himself ...

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Artists Cardopusher
Cardopusher | Conductr supporter Artist

Cardopusher is a Venezuelan DJ, producer, and Red Bull Music Academy alumni who is based in Barcelona, Spain. Most recently ...

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Artists RAC
RAC | Conductr supporter Artist

RAC is recognized for over 200 remixes but is currently better known as solo artist, André Allen Anjos. It all ...

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Artists Edu Comelles
Conductr user & supporter Edu Comelles

Edu Comelles is not just a talent off of the street. He has had an immense amount of formal education ...

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