Patrick DSP has been smashing sound systems around the world for decades. He started in Canada, and finally landed himself in Berlin, where he currently resides. Beginning his campaign of techno in the mid 90s, he soon delved into the production and management. He soon found himself manning the buttons for renowned labels such as Kne’ Deep Records and Unknown Forces, producing remixes for various labels, all the while building his repertoire of twisted pristine sounds.

Splitting time between Canada, Brazil, and Berlin, Patrick managed to expand his abilities, not only making music from film scores to blistering techno, but also using his mastery of production to teach others their way around a studio. He teaches classes and gives lectures around the world and even performs across Europe, South America and North America. He is constantly spreading his techno sound from intimate local clubs to festivals such as the Love Parade in Germany, ADE, MayDay, Awakenings, Fabrik, Tresor and many more.

His musical skills, along with his diverse range of technical ability, have not only resulted in an impressive discography of international releases, but have allowed him to collaborate with some of the most talented names in techno. He has earned himself the reputation of a true techno Renaissance man, DJ, live performer, producer/composer, sound designer, audio engineer, label manager, and teacher.

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