Creativity and improvisation drive this musical act. Without intentional error, imagination and ingenuity, the music that Pina creates, wouldn’t be what it is today. The musical projects are made from many kinds of technologies; there is never a limit to how Pina will make music. Music applications are the main source of the music. The help of people only comes in when it’s time to decide on the game plan for the future.

Real-time and manipulation are key factors in Pina’s music but the real party starts on stage. The music is amazing but once you add the visuals, the show is unbelievable. “Hum,” released by Lapsus records in June 2013, is his third album and the natural evolution from the previous “Onda Corta,” increasing the BPMs and giving more relevance to evolving textures and drones, leading to a more club-friendly result.

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