Kino Internacional and Borja Piñeiro are the masterminds behind the atmospheric vibes of Reykjavik606. Working from a musical tool-kit of hardware, software, near-field recordings and samples, they craft a moody and cinematic aural experience. Organic beats build, constantly transforming and changing shape, narcotic rhythms lift you higher to a singularly emotional state of consciousness.

The creative synergy of the project’s two members flows freely in a continuous journey through their own feelings and sensations —whose essence is expressed in sound, filling every space.

Their atmospheres are rich in details. Natural rhythms of clean and ordered sequences or on the contrary, chaotic and broken, off-kilter beats that feel alive. Impossible voices. Pure feeling. Music forged and tempered by raw emotion. Incredible improvisations.

A self-taught musician and DJ, Kino International is fed by his absolute reverence for music. A happy and extroverted character, his joy for life is evident in every one of his creations. The depth of his passion for electronic music is, like the breadth of his musical culture, uncommon. The year 2013 was spent attending lectures and workshops as well as organizing several events. Reykjavik 606 is evidence of his expanding musical palette.

With a background in traditional percussion, Borja contributes his particular vision to the Reykjavik606 project through his feel for rhythm. More introverted by nature, he explores the depths of each track, providing his own peculiar touch.

Reykjavik606’s debut LP “From… To…” was released in February 2014 on Sofa Tunes.

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