Clips module

The CLIPS MODULE shows your clips grid like on Ableton Live’s session view. Clips are distributed in columns (tracks) and rows (scenes).

Manual Clips module Conductr

NOTE: In the Conductr freemium version, the CLIPS MODULE is limited to 2 tracks. You can purchase the PREMIUM CLIPS MODULE to control all of your track’s mixer parameters without limitation (see Premium modules & Pack IN-APP Purchase).


Clips can be controlled in different ways, which can be mixed, like on Ableton Live’s session view:

1. Individual clips control:

  • Tap on a clip to trigger it.
  • To stop a clip, double tap on any empty clip slot in the same track or tap on the STOP CLIP button on the track’s bottom control bar.

Manual – Stop clips Conductr

2.Tracks groups control:

  • If you have created a tracks group on your Ableton Live set, you can trigger it as a single unit simply by tapping on the GROUP icon.Group-icon-Conductr
  • You can unfold it by tapping on the group name on the CLIP MODULE top control bar.Unfold-group-Conductr
  • Once the group is unfolded, you can trigger each clip individually (see 1.).
  • To stop the group, double tap on any empty clip slot in the GROUP icon track or double tap on the STOP button on the track’s bottom controls bar.
  • You can also stop a single clip within the group (see 1.).

3. Scenes control:

  • To trigger a scene, tap on its PLAY Icon on the MASTER TRACK.PLAY-Icon-on-the-MASTER-TRACK-Conductr
  • To stop a scene, tap on any empty scene PLAY icon on the MASTER TRACK.
  • To stop all clips, double tap on the STOP button on the MASTER TRACK.STOP-button-on-the-MASTER-TRACK-Conductr


If your clips grid is too big to fit in the PLAYGROUND, you can navigate it dragging the top control bar horizontally or the MASTER TRACK vertically.

You can also navigate it by moving it in any direction with 2 fingers.

You can link a CLIPS MODULE to a MIXER MODULE or even other CLIPS MODULES.

Double tap on the MASTER button of each module you want to link and all of them will move in sync. To detach, double tap again on the MASTER button of the modules you want to detach.



The CLIPS MODULE side menu features a SHIFT button.


When tapping the SHIFT button, you get quick access to each track’s volume fader and mute button and to the MASTER TRACK volume fader and LOCK button*.


*NOTE: The LOCK button allows you to lock and unlock the MASTER VOLUME. It can be very useful in order to avoid accidental Master volume changes while playing live.