Mixer module

The MIXER MODULE allows you to control your Ableton Live set mixer parameters:

  • Volume.
  • Panning.
  • Mute / Solo / Rec.
  • Sends.

Manual – Mixer module Conductr

The MIXER MODULE features Conductr’s smart faders: to go straight to 0 dB, double tap near the “0 dB” mark and the fader will automatically move there.

Conductr’s smart faders can also be used to silence a track without muting it: double tap near the minimum volume mark and the fader will automatically move there.

Conductr’s smart faders also feature an acceleration detector to adapt to the velocity and impulse of the user’s touch.

NOTE: In the Conductr freemium version, the MIXER MODULE is limited to 2 tracks. You can purchase the PREMIUM MIXER MODULE to control all of your track’s mixer parameters without limitation (see Premium modules & Pack IN-APP Purchase).


If your tracks grid is too big to fit in the PLAYGROUND, you can navigate it by dragging the top control bar horizontally.

If your Ableton Live set features tracks groups, you can control their volume as a single unit using the fader under the group name. You can also fold/unfold them by tapping on the group name on the top bar.

If you do not want to risk accidentally muting a track, you can toggle the Mute buttons with the Mute Hiding button:


You can link the MIXER MODULE to a CLIP MODULE. Double tap on the MASTER button of each module you want to link and all of them will move in sync. To detach, double tap again on the MASTER button of the modules you want to detach.



The MIXER MODULE side menu features a SHIFT button.

Manual – Shift icon Conductr

When tapping the SHIFT button, you get quick access to each track’s panning, solo and record controls, and to the MASTER VOLUME pan, LOCK* and LIMITER**.

Panning is controlled with Conductr’s smart crossfaders: to get back to 0, double tap near the center bar and the crossfader will automatically move there.


*NOTE: The LOCK button allows you to lock and unlock the MASTER VOLUME. It can be very useful in order to avoid accidental MASTER VOLUME changes while playing live.

Manual – Lock button Conductr

**NOTE: The LIMITER button blocks (0 dBs by default) and unblocks (up to 6 dBs) the track’s maximum volume.

Manual – Limit 00db Conductr


The MIXER MODULE side menu features a SENDS button.

Manual – Sends icon Conductr

When tapping the SENDS button, you enable the MIXER MODULE SENDS mode. While on this mode, you can control how much signal is being sent from the tracks to the return channels.

Tap again on the SENDS button to get back to the standard MIXER MODULE view.



While on the MIXER MODULE SENDS mode, you can tap the SHIFT button to control each single track sends.

Manual – Mixer module sends shift Conductr

Tap again on the SHIFT button to get back to the standard MIXER MODULE SENDS view.

Manual – Shift Mixer modules sends Conductr