Start playing with Conductr

Launch Conductr once you have launched Ableton Live on your computer.*
Once you have connected Conductr with Ableton Live, you can change your Ableton Live set on your computer as many times as you want.

*NOTE: If you selected “NO” when the installation software asked you to automatically launch the Conductr Server, you’ll have to launch it manually each time you want to use Conductr.


When launching Conductr, first to appear is the CONDUCTR SET UP screen.

Manual - Select server Conductr

Select the server you want to use.*

*NOTE: Usually, only the computer connected to the Ad Hoc network will appear. Other computers can appear eventually if more users are connected to the same network and running the Conductr server.
Other devices can appear if you are working on a regular Wi-Fi network.


  1. Tap on “NEW”.
  2. Name your project (it can match the name of the Ableton Live set you’re using, but does not have to).
  3. Tap on “ADD”. Your project will be added to the list.
  4. On your first time running Conductr, the project list will appear empty. As you create new projects, they will progressively be added to the list in chronological order (from newest to oldest). You can get back to them or delete them anytime you want to. Your project’s User Modules (see here) and Playgound’s last set up (see here) will be automatically saved when closing it or selecting a different project.


  1. Tap on the project you want to delete on the projects list.
  2. Tap on “EDIT”.
  3. A “DELETE” button will appear beside the selected project name. Tap it and the project will be deleted permanently.
  4. Tap again on “EDIT” to get back to the project creation and selection mode.

Once you have created or selected a project, tap on the “GO” bar to get to the PLAYGROUND.


  1. If you want to change a project to work with, tap on the GO bottom bar to get into the PLAYGROUND.
  2. Tap on the MODULE SELECTION icon on any view side menu (see “THE PLAYGROUND” tutorial).
  3. Tap on the USER MODULES SET UP. You will get into the USER MODULES SET UP screen.
  4. Tap on the PROJECTS button up right and you will get back to the CONDUCTR SET UP screen.

Manual - Select project Conductr