What’s new

Latests release Conductr 2

  • Traktor Module:
    • Flexible interface: up to 4 slots for any deck you want to place (even duplicate them).
    • Each deck features 3 different view modes:
    • Player: Control track browsing, progress bar, loops, cues, sync, tempo and flux, plus bend and jog touchstrips.
    • Mixer: Control volume, 3 band EQs with kills, 2 filter modes (Lo and Hi pass), monitor your cues, key note control and gain adjust.
    • Fx: Control single or grouped FX units, automatic display of all fx and parameters’ names and control types, and create your own single or grouped FX presets.
  • New interface color palette.
  • Upgraded Conductr icon.
  • IMPORTANT: Upgrade your Conductr Server to version 2.0 in order to use Conductr 2.