FX view

This is the Traktor Module view where you can control the FX you apply to the track playing on your deck.*

3.8. FX-VIEW

Tap on FX UNIT to open the drop-down menu and choose the FX UNIT of your choice. You can load up to 4 FX UNITS per track.


To load an fx in any FX UNIT, go to the drop down menu and choose the effect of your choice. Once you tap on the effect, it will be loaded with all of its parameters onto your FX UNIT.


To enable an FX UNIT choose what deck(s) you want the effect to affect (A / B / C / D) and tap on ON.


To disable an FX UNIT go to the drop down menu and tap on NO EFFECT.


How to create FX PRESETS

You may save PRESETS for your FX UNITS so that you can use the effect of your taste just how you like at any given moment. A PRESET keeps the effects and their parameter’s values as they are when you save it.


Tap the PRESETS button.


Once you’ve an effect parameters the way you want to keep them, tap NEW to create a preset.


A pop up window will pop up. Name your PRESET and tap SAVE.


Your PRESET will now be listed on the PRESET menu.


* NOTE: You can save “Single” PRESETS or “Group” PRESETS.

To use the PRESET, enter the PRESETS menu and choose your PRESET in order to load it onto your FX UNIT.

To delete a PRESET tap on EDIT.

3_8_5_-How-to-create-FX-PRESETS-_3_ 2

Select the PRESET you want to delete.


Tap on DELETE.


How to create and use grouped Fx units.

You must create your FX groups in your desktop Traktor software and NOT in your iPad.
By default, there are two different FX Units in Traktor, which can be assigned to any deck.
Group mode allows up to three different FX to be used simultaneously in a single FX Unit. You see three different FX slots stacked on top of each other in the
corresponding FX Unit (Traktor).


Choose your FX

Click on the downwards-pointing arrow to open the drop-down menu in Traktor and choose the Fx you want from the list. Repeat with the rest of the slots. Appoint which deck/s will be affected by the FX.

FX Control in Conductr

  • In order to control your FX in Conductr you must make sure to turn on the FX units. If you like, you may change the number of effects being used by simply turning them on or Off.
  • You may apply the exact percentage of the “Total” effect that you want to add by sliding the Dry/Wet fader up to increase the amount of effect or down to decrease the amount of effect.
  • You may apply the exact percentage of the “Particular” effects by changing the parameter of the FX themselves.

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