Player view


SEARCH function

The SEARCH function allows you to browse your Traktor library (located in your computer) and select the track you want to play.


Scroll up or down your track library.


Tap on LOAD once you’ve selected the track you want to play.


Tap on PLAY to start and stop playback.


BEND function

The BEND function temporarily slows down or speeds up the playback.

Tap on BEND


Hold, slide to the left and let go of the wave to slow up the track to match with the other track/s.


Hold, slide to the right and let go of the wave to bring the track forward to match with the other track/s.


The bar under the track timeline is there to support you with your blending of tracks, bringing both tracks to play in unison. The bar helps you to visualise how far behind or ahead the deck you are viewing is from the other track playing. When adjusting with the BLEND just slide the wave in the direction that the bar is moving to bring the track to the right place.


JOG function

When the track is playing you can emulate a record deck by holding the track and bringing the track backwards or forwards. Like on a turntable, you can have the motor of the deck turning so that when you let go of the record the deck will keep pulling on the record.

Tap on JOG


The lock stops the deck from continuing, leaving you at your chosen time of a track and where you can scratch in place. As on a turntable, if your deck is stopped and you scratch (push forward or backwards) a track, it will stop playing as soon as you release your touch.


MASTER & SYNC functions

The SYNC function synchronizes the current track to the MASTER tempo. It provides the fastest and easiest way to match beats.


Choose which deck will be the Master. Tap on MASTER.


The MASTER deck will have the box in full color.


To SYNC the rest of your decks to the MASTER deck, tap on SYNC in each corresponding deck.

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FLUX function

The FLUX mode lets you use cue points and loops without losing the phrasing of your tracks. It is a timeline-based technique that lets you immediately jump to the position of the timeline of the track where it would have been if the track had continued forward.*


* NOTE: The longer you loop, the farther ahead the playhead position will move and therefore the farther ahead playback will jump to when you release the Cue/Sample trigger button.

CUE button

Within each track you can ‘bookmark’ any specific second (CUE Point) in order to begin a mix from or start loops from.

On a paused Deck, tapping on the CUE button sets a new Floating Cue Point at the current play position.


When the track is paused and cued up to the Floating Cue Point, tap and hold the CUE button to pre-listen to the Cue placement. Release CUE to return to the Floating Cue Point.

Tapping the CUE button during playback jumps the current play position back to the previously set Floating Cue Point and stops playback (except when using FLUX, see 3.6.5).


The HOT CUES provide direct access to 8 user-definable Cue/Loop In Points per track.


When the Deck is playing, tapping on a HOT CUE button will jump the play position to the mapped Cue/Loop In Point and continue playing.


When the Deck is paused, the HOT CUE buttons behave in the same manner as the CUE button (see 3.6.6).

To erase a cue, simply hold the DELETE button and press on the CUE number you would like to erase.


LOOP function

Looping is when you decide a short or long section of a track to be continually repeated.

Tap on LOOP


Choose the corresponding number which defines how many bars you want your loop to repeat.


When the section of your desired loop is about to begin, tap the number in order to begin looping your desired place in the track.


When the LOOP is activated the number will light up.

To deactivate the LOOP, tap again on the number you’ve chosen. When the LOOP is deactivated the number will turn off like the rest.

TEMPO function

The TEMPO fader offers the same functionality as a pitch fader on any standard turntable or pitchable CD player.


Adjust TEMPO without SYNC

Decrease or increase the tempo of the track playing by moving the slider left or right. *

Move the TEMPO fader left to slow down the tempo of the track.

Move the TEMPO fader right to speed up the tempo of the track.

Or adjust by tapping on the ( + , – ) to get an accurate %.


*NOTE: You may want to use the BEND funktion to keep the tracks playing in unison.


Decrease or increase the overall tempo of your session by moving the TEMPO slider left or right on the MASTER track using the SYNC button to impose the tempo to the rest of the tracks playing.


Choose one deck as your MASTER deck. Select the rest of the decks as slaves to the MASTER by selecting the SYNC button on each one of them.


Move the TEMPO fader on the MASTER Deck left to slow down the overall tempo.

Move the TEMPO fader on the MASTER deck right to speed up the overall tempo.


Watch the progression of your track from beginning to end.


Double tap anywhere on the bar to reproduce any part of the song.