The Playground

Manual – The Playground Conductr

The first time you enter Traktor, you will go into the Playground. It will appear with 4 view modes/empty slots by default.

You can change the view modes whenever you want, even while playing live.
The Playground is ergonomic: it adapts to your needs. The Playground interface set-up can be changed at any time to 4 different view modes of your slots:

4 views mode

Manual – The Playground Conductr

3 views mode

Manual – 3 Views mode Conductr

2 views mode

Manual – 2 Views mode Conductr

Full Screen view mode
Manual - 1 View mode Conductr

Each slot has its corresponding side menu.


Full Screen view mode

Manual - Full screen view icon Conductr

View Mode Half Screen

Manual - Half view icon Conductr

When getting into a slot’s Playground for the first time, tap on the Playground icon


to fill any empty slot with a System Module (Traktor deck A/B/C/D).*


*NOTE: Consider using the left slots in the playground for the Traktor decks on the left and the slots on the right for the Traktor decks on the right.

Repeat the same steps to set up the rest of your Traktor decks accordingly in your playground.