Introducing the Traktor controller module

We are very excited to announce the release of a brand new in-app module: from now on, you can also control Traktor in Conductr 2 alongside the already released Ableton Live control modules!


As with the Ableton Live interface, the Traktor module has been designed to provide you with a different kind of experience: one that makes sense on an iPad. It is not about mimicking hardware or desktop software on the iPad, but taking the capabilities of the iPad to the max and offer musicians and djs a new way of interacting with music. For us, it’s all about the experience!

Some highlights of the new Traktor module:
Flexible interface: up to 4 slots for any deck you want to place (even duplicate them).


Each deck features 3 different view modes:
Deck player: Control track browsing, progress bar, loops, cues, sync, tempo and flux, plus bend and jog touchstrips.

Mixer: Control volume, 3 band EQs with kills, 2 filter modes (Lo and Hi pass), monitor your cues, key note control and gain adjust.

Fx: Control single or grouped fx units, automatic display of all fx and parameters’ names and control types and create your own single or grouped fx presets.


Check the Traktor Module features description here

Just as the Conductr controller for Ableton Live has continued to grow, and will continue to do so with new modules like the 4 Dimensions-XY Pads and the Claydr MIDI Keyboard, the Traktor controller will progressively expand with new modules in the coming months. Maximum Controllerism!

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