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Play your clips with Claydr

Playing clips with a keyboard controller was a feature in Ableton Live long before the MIDI side of the software was developed. The idea was to use clips as if they were samples when played with a keyboard, allowing you to change the clip’s pitch depending on the note you were playing in the keyboard. Many years have passed since then, but it still can be done. And doing it with the Claydr MIDI keyboard is a lot of fun.

Setting up Claydr as a sample keyboard is very easy:

  1. Go to Preferences > MIDI Sync and disable Remote on Claydr’s MIDI Output.Disable Remote on Claydr’s MIDI Output
  2. Click on the MIDI Map Mode Switch and select the clip you want to use as a sample.Click on the MIDI Map Mode Switch and select the clip you want to use as a sample.
  3. Press a key in the keyboard and, while holding it, press the lowest and highest keys to define the range you will play with.

Yes, it is THAT simple! You can already “play” your clips with Claydr. But, why not taking it a step further? Changing parameters in the clip’s Launch box can add a lot of versatility to your performance.

  • If you enable the Legato mode, for instance, your clip won’t start again each time you change the key.
  • If you change the Launch Mode to “Gate”, your clip will only sound while you are pressing a key (unless you enable the Hold mode in Claydr!).
  • If you select any quantization different to Global, you can define the key changes’ tempo.
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